Monday, November 26, 2007

Just another great shot from the river!
This is look at the Big Manistee river in northern Michigan. The banks are high which makes for the ultimate view and picture taking. The best part of this location is that in the fall my father and I go down to this hole to fish for salmon and, not to brag, but we Kill them here. People call this the Tunkhole and it is located just south of Tippy Dam, which if you are not familiar with the dam, is the farthest point that the fish can go upstream when it is there time to lay and fertilize their eggs called "spawning". Five years ago this was a secluded spot and most people could not have found it if they had directions, considering it is off a seasonal road which makes it's way down to the river through land owned by the Ottawa Indians. My father and I could fish there all morning(all day for that matter!) and not see another person. Then unfortunately for us "Michigan Out of Doors" did a story on the Tunkhole a few years back and the floodgates were opened. Now we are lucky to find a spot to stand in the river and fish. Fortunately for us we are pro's and know exactly where the fish stay so we usually tie right into them which makes those who aren't catching anything somewhat upset. Especially when they have been standing in the same spot all day/night. Want to know where some of the best fishing holes on the Big Manistee river are and the best way of fishing them? Visit us at

For me there is nothing more beautiful then the sun coming up on our favorite fishing hole of the big Manistee river in northern Michigan. If you would like to see all my shots from the big river, check out!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We often tend to forget the awesome power and destructive force our world can provide!

This is probably the coolest display of a mudslide I've seen in a long time. They say that a flood or mudslide can move at a speed of up to 12 mph. The really cool thing is that when it first reaches the road the mud and water look like they are moving very slow. When it covers the entire road however, it appears to pick up speed and power! Most footage of floods and mudslides are after the fact.

Winter War zone!
To me this looks like something straight out of the Civil War! With the exception of the power lines of course. Either way, this is a very cool winter picture.

Pine tree's covered in snow.....beautiful!

Fire In The Sky!!!

I personally love how nature is constantly changing, the world will never be in the same state for any picture you ever take. That's truly incredible!

Winter Is Here!

I'm a guy who loves wooded area's and there is nothing I like more than when the woods are covered in snow. There is just something about it that reminds me of the holidays and happy times! My only advice is to enjoy the woods and try not to get lost in the woods!